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Below is some of the favorite web sites of team members.  Please be advised that some of the content of the web pages linked below do not necessarily represent the views of Cutthroat Paintball, its sponosrs or its team members.

Enjoy the following recommended paintball sites!

Our Sponsors Websites:
Ballbusters Paintball, Inc

Our home field and pro shop.  Awesome fields!  Service and all the great name brand products at a great price!

Shop at Ballbusters Paintball, Inc from the convenience of your home for all your paintball needs!


The top name in paintball products!  Check out the new Proto line!


Favorite Sites

The largest tournament series in the southeast and growing!


South Carolina Paintball Field Owners Tournament series.  Great regional action!


Great forum with local flair!


Worldwide forum for every paintball enthusiast!